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Residential Refrigeration Installation and Repair in White Marsh

Your fridge is a necessity, but like many appliances that we use every day, we don’t understand how important they are until they need to be repaired or replaced. Anytime Services & Maintenance Inc is here to help you get the most out of your fridges, wine cellars, cold storage units, box freezers and ice machines. We have years of experience helping the people of White Marsh maintain, install and repair the refrigerators and related appliances.

Signs your fridge needs repairs

Why is my fridge is making lots of noise - This is usually due to three possible reasons:

  1. A loss of lubricant in the fan or coolant motors
  2. A loose fan blade
  3. The drip pan is too close to the compressor (causing it to vibrate)

Why is my fridge too cold or not cold enough – First thing is to check the fridge thermostat setting to see if a simple adjustment will solve the problem. If not, then the issue is commonly:

  1. A clogged condenser coil
  2. An inefficient door seal
  3. A defective fan
  4. If you hear a clicking sound before the compressor starts, then the issue is either with the start capacitor or the compressor itself

Why is my fridge is leaking – Finding water under the fridge? This is probably due to:

  1. A broken line leading to your water dispenser or ice maker
  2. The drain pan contains cracks or holes
  3. A clogged drain

Don’t Risk Food Poisoning—Contact Us for Fridge Repair

If you suspect that your refrigerator is not keeping your food at the proper temperature, don’t wait until you start to feel queasy before contacting our company. We will be able to check and ensure that your appliance is functioning, and if it isn’t, we can provide you with a prompt and professional resolution. Properly storing your food is essential, so put your trust in our local refrigerator repair experts to ensure that your unit is fully operational.

Refrigerator Servicing for All Major Brands

Our team has everything they need to keep your fridge working perfectly. From routine maintenance to in-depth repairs, you can always count on us to be able to service whatever type of refrigeration unit you have. Our advanced tools, professional resources, and comprehensive knowledgebase allow us to work with a wide range of different refrigerators and keep them working like new. If you still have concerns about whether we have what it takes to work with your refrigerator, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions.

Try Our Refrigerator Repair Before Replacing

If your fridge has a leak or is not cooling properly, your first reaction might be to go out and purchase a new appliance. However, you can save yourself a lot of money on a new fridge and installation costs by hiring our refrigerator technicians. We boast a high success rate when it comes to refrigerator repair, so don’t write off your current unit if you don’t have to.

Low Refrigerator Repair Costs

In addition to offering authoritative refrigeration servicing, we are also proud to do so at an affordable price. When you come to us for refrigeration installation or repairs, you can always count on a price that matches your finances. You’ll be glad to know that hidden or surprise fees have no place in our business model, so you will never be caught off-guard with a steep price at the end of our servicing.

Quick and Easy Scheduling on Refrigerator Repair

Troubles with your refrigerator are not something that should be ignored. Whether you have a leak that is causing damage to your floors or a broken fridge starting to thaw your food, a quick response can make a world of difference. For this reason, our technicians work hard to attend to all our customers in a reasonable time frame. Once you get in touch with us, we will do everything we can to find an opening in our schedule that is convenient for you.

Top of the Line Refrigerator Replacement Parts

When you hire us to service your refrigeration unit, you can always expect long-lasting repairs and maintenance. Our technicians are committed to sourcing premium replacement parts from reputable suppliers, which means our work is always guaranteed to be a good investment. Our commitment to excellence has helped us earn many loyal customers, and we hope to count you among them if you are ever having trouble with your fridge.

Anytime Services & Maintenance Inc can help you with more than just your fridge

The people of White Marsh come to us for help with:

  • Custom wine coolers
  • Cold storage units
  • Box freezers
  • Ice machines

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